All Hail the Planner Flip Through!

Flip throughs, Plan with Me’s & Layouts, OH MY!

I love to scroll Instagram and Pinterest looking at other people’s planners. I don’t care what kind of planner it is.  I can get lost in a YouTube loop and watch it for an unrealistic amount of time.  Sometimes I find new ideas for spreads or collections I would like to try; sometimes there are just some pretty cool planner people with awesome talent. Shout out to Shelby at and Patrizia @lifeinabujo.

As you know, I use the Bullet Journal® in a traveler’s notebook system. I prefer dotted notebooks like May Designs (in the classic 8″x5″). I started 2017 in a regular (Midori size 8.25″x4.25″) with Tomoe River paper from Red Pen Travelers site. While I love the paper, this mama needs more room.  I have been collecting my Maybooks each time there is a sale. I am now the proud owner of five fresh May books waiting to be planned in.

New addition to my collection!

In my last post, I introduced you to Josefina. She is getting a sister! For Mother’s Day, hubs said  ‘get what you want, I don’t know how/


where to get it’. I said, ‘Yes, sir!’ So Caroline will be here soon! She is also from Red Pen Travelers. Caroline will hold my fresh stack of May Designs notebooks. She is turquoise, with brush nickel eyelets and a turquoise elastics. Oh, and Toni now gives you up to four letters to stamp on the front as a freebie! I got my initials. I will post pics as soon as I get her.

I started working on the transition last week after Emily from My Adaptable Career said ‘Why not start now? AND make it a post?”  I was going to save the set up until July because I already had June set up in another regular in Josefina. But I thought ‘screw it, that’s why Bullet Journaling® is so flexible.” You can start anywhere. So I broke open these three notebooks…

Budget Planner, Dot Grid, Menu Planner

Monograms from the left are  “All About the Benjamins”,  my initials and Meal Plan. The Benjamins has budget planner pages, the stripes are dot grid and Menu has meal planner pages. Here are what the pre-printed two look like inside.

The first page?! and beyond

The first thing I do is give my insert a title page. I have all these lovely stamps and stickers at my disposal or sometimes artwork from my kids. The second thing I set up is my Index. This helps immensely with finding things later. I do have to number the pages manually, but it is a small drudgery that is worth it later. One of the gems of Bullet Journaling is the Future Planning. For some, it is simply two pages divided into six quadrants. Two lines splitting the spread into six blocks. I found the Calendex method on the official website and then a variation of that on Instagram. [I think it was Christinastarr77?] It works great for me and I have been using for some time now. A little sticker action and some calendar number washi and I am ready to rock.

Reset Girl stickers and a No. 3 original work
Calendex/Alastair method future planning variation
Monthly: Ryder vs. block

The next thing I set up is my Monthly Calendar. Down the left side of the page write the numbers 1-30(1) in a column. Note: I do washi the edges of my month first. It looks nice with the notebook all filled and I can see where each month starts. I also like to write the letter for the day of the week and mark off weeks horizontally. What’s with the “R” you ask? Well in college that is how WKU denoted the class days for Thursday. I had MWF classes and TR classes. It just stuck. You will notice too that I divide out by kid. During school year this has been wonderful. To see who has what on the same day but still spaced out so it is not so jumbled. I tried drawing out traditional block/square calendars… not enough room for this hot mess. By the way are you digging that elephant washi? -hearts-

June filled in; See, Elephants. 🙂
The To Do List

My next set up is a master to do list. Some call this a brain dump, but ya’ll know I cannot deal with that title in a mature manner. I dubbed my list Task Master. Not that I have mastered the list yet, but it sounds motivating.

Task Master – Jack of all trades, Master of none. LOL
Weekly Layouts

I have used daily layouts and weekly layouts. I prefer the weekly. The regular size notebook did not allow me to create my favorite weekly layout, which is why I want to go back to the May books. They are nearly the size of a Leuchttrum 1917 A5. Which I love, but the Travelers system is just as flexible as the Bullet Journal® system. I use the LT1917’s for Bible study and journaling. The perfect way to collect and store. Ooops! Did you see that squirrel? Perhaps more on that Bible part in a later post.

Now back to weeklies…I like seeing what is coming up in a week. It helps me to plan better and not be surprised or miss appointments. (Been there, done that. Even wrote it in the monthly, but did not transfer to week.) I have the days marked by columns across the top and the date usually stamped in the middle of each column. The date stamp pulls double duty. A reminder of the day’s date and to split events from tasks. I list events for the day at the top with a circle. (This is my signifier, you may use something else, like a dot or bullet.) Tasks are below the date stamp and signified by a square. I color them in or x out when each is complete. You will also notice that I color code. This is another signifier for me. Instead of writing out each family member’s name and then their schedule, I see the color and immediately know who it is. Mr. is blue, I am orange, Kid No. 1 is teal, No. 2 is purple, and No. 3 is turquoise. There are others for school, church, and birthdays. Now sometimes I am lazy or on the fly and write in events with whatever pen is the flavor of the month. Which is now a new Lamy Safari in red with a medium nib. Gotta have dots and chunky letters. The Lamy is part of this year’s Mother’s Day present and goes along with Caroline. 😉

June weekly ready to go

I hope you have enjoyed this glimpse into how I plan. I would love to see how you do it. Come follow me over on Instagram @orangemamalikes or even check out my Pinterest page of the same name.  I look forward to seeing yours!

planning & organizing one page at a time


P.S. Josefina is not being replaced. I love her too much. She will most likely become my blog planner….or my sermon notes/church stuff….or perhaps even my wallet.

Why be Organized?

 Mama Mondays  & Organization

Hello and Happy Monday on this first day of May! I am claiming Mondays as Mama Mondays. That is now written word and I have told someone, so I am held accountable right? Sounds like a plan.

Speaking of plans….how do you get organized? Check off boxes on a To Do list? Find things when you need them? Declutter everything? What is your reasoning for being organized?

Want to know my reason?


Yes, ma’am (or sir) you did read that right. Lazy. It’s true! See if I ‘have a place for everything and everything in its place‘ then I don’t have to go searching for it when I need it. No running around looking for some item, making me late, and driving my stress levels to DEFCON 4.

Where are my keys? Side pocket of purse.

Where is my Traveler’s Notebook? On my desk or in my purse.

Where are the TV and Blu-ray remotes? End table drawer by loveseat.

Where is the cinnamon? Baking cabinet, bottom shelf, on spice riser, on the left in the back.

Ahhh organization. Isn’t it lovely? Now this being organized business is great when it’s just you or your stuff. Adding your spouse or kids or whomever you share living space with to Team Organized takes a little more determination and repetitiveness. Make it fun and don’t freak out when something is not where its supposed to be. ( Totally pot calling the kettle black here.) Persevere! Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Path to Organization

I do have a place for everything and everything in its place, but another way I stay organized is planning. There are 5 humans and 1 canine in this house. That is a lot of schedules: work, school, church, band, chess, archery. Don’t forget doctor, dentist, orthodontist, and veterinarian appointments.

 I’ve been a pen & paper girl since elementary. [That back story is here.] However, I also love digital. Google Calendar is my BFF and basis for all my scheduling. As events come in from work, school, or church they are added via phone or laptop. If the event needs to be shared, those folks are tagged and emailed invites. Oh and yes everyone is color coded.

Next, comes the real planning in my leather traveler’s notebook from Toni at I have the regular(Midori) size in purple with a lovely “J” on the front.

Meet Josefina

Her name is Josefina. Yes, I named her; she is beautiful and deserved a name. 😉 Josefina has four elastics and will hold up to 6 inserts if I piggy back them. Right now I have four paper inserts and two of the vinyl/plastic organizer inserts. The paper inserts are from Red PenTravelers too. They are made with fantastic Tomoe River cream color paper and dotted. -I must have dots!- Two of them hold my Bullet Journal, one is strictly for notes, and one for usernames and passwords. The vinyl inserts hold business cards, stickers, and odds and ends.

chunky girl, that’s right
dragon & teapot charms



Bullet Journal = Planning Zen

I LOVE Ryder Carroll’s Bullet Journal system. If you’re like “Huh?”, go check him out, he is super cool. There are articles and videos explaining Ryder’s system.  If you are new to Bullet Journal, I advise checking out the original before heading to any hashtags. Trust me.

 I am getting ready to lay down some technical jargon, so if you haven’t checked out the Bullet Journal site your eyes may glaze over. I started out  April 2016 in Leuchttrum 1917. But switched at the beginning of 2017 to the Travelers Notebook. I like the versatility of switching inserts out and not having to write out ongoing Collections.  Plus I want to keep them for reference/memory keeping. My current bujo set up contains the following:

My current bujo set up contains the following: Index, Calendex (modified), Task Master (aka Brain Dump, I am not mature enough to write ‘dump’ without giggling. Potty humor at 40. Sad, but true.) Monthly and Dailies.  I prefer Weekly layouts, but the regular size inserts are not wide enough for my tastes, so Daily layouts it is. Technically that is what the Monthly is for. Oh, and my Collections have their own Leuchttrum 1917 Master Slim. His name is Mr. Slim. (ha!)


Track like a Hound

Trackers used to be in my bujo, but I have found apps (digital!) that take care of them.One app I found recently is Loop Habit Tracker.  (note: This house is powered by Android/Google, not sure if this is in Apple Store or not.) This tracker app lets me track water, meds,  & teeth brushing. I use my Samsung Galaxy Note5 health tracker for sleep and step tracking. I also adhere to The Fly Lady’s regimen. You can find her here.  She sends daily emails and has your cleaning tasks broken down to a science. Fly Lady is easy and fun!

In a Nutshell

Being organized. You can do it! Take baby steps, use tools that you like, and get everyone on Team Organized. I use the old adage “everything has a place and is in that place”, color coding, digital and paper planning, and tracking apps to keep me sane. What do you use? I love seeing how others champion their organizing.

planning & organizing one page at a time,


What is your PASSION?

Hey there and welcome to orangemama likes!


What is yours? Not the romantic flavor, the flavor that gets you fired up, ready to conquer the day, and get. $%!&. done. The passion that makes you a better you.

Passion is what has led me to write this post.  What I hope will lead me to reach personal goals. My passions are organizing, planning, and owning my own business. Let’s do a little backstory….

Organizing Mama

I have always had an organizing bug. It gives me great joy to create order out of chaos.  I catch myself straightening items in a checkout lane. Yeah, that bad. The bug turned into a Thunderbird (think Fantastic Beasts) when I had kids. Please don’t think my house is eat-off-the-floor-clean, it ain’t, but it is neat and orderly. Yes, my spice cabinet is fantastic and my dream is to have a pantry so I can organize it. So yeah organizing is my groove.

Tupperware is King!

Planning Mama

Passion #2 is planning. Girl. If you have checked out my Instagram (@orangemamalikes) you well know my passion for planning. I kept a wall calendar of some sort in high school, but then I went to college. My alma mater [Go Big Red! Go Tops!] encouraged students to use their spiral planner called an ‘abacus’. This planner was about an A5 size with the month on two pages followed by the week on two pages for the layout. It had university sports schedules, drop/add class dates, all college related info.  I LOVED THAT PLANNER. I bought it as soon as it hit shelves each year.

After graduation, I tried various calendars, planners, and styles of each. I could not find a system that fit me or that I could stick with.   I tried one of those ‘mom’ wall calendars; I tried printables. [Side note: I may or may not have a slight obsession with office supplies, up to and including sticky notes, binders, sheet protectors, writing utensils.] Those wall calendars and printables either did not enough room to write in or not portable or GRRR. You get the picture.

The Holy Grail

Enter 2016. I had an A5 printable from Etsy that was adorable, nearly my abacus, in a purple binder from one of my favorite stores, Staples. I was set to commit and do this thing. Then, in most likely a Google search, I stumbled on Bullet Journaling. HOLEY. CHEEZITS. You mean I could draw out what I wanted, when I wanted, and only use what I wanted? -Angels singing-. Not to mention that Ryder Carroll’s simple structure was so adaptable to whatever you wanted!  I found Kara at, and Kim at, and Jessica at EEEK! I was in pen & paper utopia! Now my office supply obsession has grown to fountain pens, dotted ivory paper, washi tape, clear stamps, and stickers. Not to mention layouts not just to plan, but to track and collect and color code everything. -sigh- There’s more to this but my eyes just glazed over so I hope that yours didn’t and you keep reading.

Boss Mama

My own business. I never wanted a 9-5 cubicle. I wanted a shop front. That’s why I majored in business management and minored in marketing. I have had different jobs since high school; two of which I loved my work, but detested the environment. The dream has always been the same. Then reality came along in the form of three daughters. My job responsibilities became caring for and rearing them. It did not pay for me to work outside the home, so there I stayed. It was not a decision made lightly and it is still a daily struggle, but it worked for our family at the time.

Turning the page…

Now we are entering a new chapter. My girls are all double digit ages (10-15). Gone to school during day and extra-curriculars in afternoon. The house is orderly. Dinner is prepped (sometimes, let’s be real). What does mama do? This mama poured over IG accounts, YouTube videos, and signed up for some e-courses. All the while the goal being to start a blog, to take the first step on the path of Boss Woman. Plus I figured if my IG posts were sounding like blog posts, why not just make the blog?

So here I go. My passions of organizing, planning, and business ownership goals have lead me to blogging. Planning and organizing one page at a time. Where will your passions lead you?

We walk by faith, not sight. 2Cor. 5:7