What is your PASSION?

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What is yours? Not the romantic flavor, the flavor that gets you fired up, ready to conquer the day, and get. $%!&. done. The passion that makes you a better you.

Passion is what has led me to write this post.  What I hope will lead me to reach personal goals. My passions are organizing, planning, and owning my own business. Let’s do a little backstory….

Organizing Mama

I have always had an organizing bug. It gives me great joy to create order out of chaos.  I catch myself straightening items in a checkout lane. Yeah, that bad. The bug turned into a Thunderbird (think Fantastic Beasts) when I had kids. Please don’t think my house is eat-off-the-floor-clean, it ain’t, but it is neat and orderly. Yes, my spice cabinet is fantastic and my dream is to have a pantry so I can organize it. So yeah organizing is my groove.

Tupperware is King!

Planning Mama

Passion #2 is planning. Girl. If you have checked out my Instagram (@orangemamalikes) you well know my passion for planning. I kept a wall calendar of some sort in high school, but then I went to college. My alma mater [Go Big Red! Go Tops!] encouraged students to use their spiral planner called an ‘abacus’. This planner was about an A5 size with the month on two pages followed by the week on two pages for the layout. It had university sports schedules, drop/add class dates, all college related info.  I LOVED THAT PLANNER. I bought it as soon as it hit shelves each year.

After graduation, I tried various calendars, planners, and styles of each. I could not find a system that fit me or that I could stick with.   I tried one of those ‘mom’ wall calendars; I tried printables. [Side note: I may or may not have a slight obsession with office supplies, up to and including sticky notes, binders, sheet protectors, writing utensils.] Those wall calendars and printables either did not enough room to write in or not portable or GRRR. You get the picture.

The Holy Grail

Enter 2016. I had an A5 printable from Etsy that was adorable, nearly my abacus, in a purple binder from one of my favorite stores, Staples. I was set to commit and do this thing. Then, in most likely a Google search, I stumbled on Bullet Journaling. HOLEY. CHEEZITS. You mean I could draw out what I wanted, when I wanted, and only use what I wanted? -Angels singing-. Not to mention that Ryder Carroll’s simple structure was so adaptable to whatever you wanted!  I found Kara at www.bohoberry.com, and Kim at www.tinyrayofsunshine.com, and Jessica at www.prettyprintsandpaper.com. EEEK! I was in pen & paper utopia! Now my office supply obsession has grown to fountain pens, dotted ivory paper, washi tape, clear stamps, and stickers. Not to mention layouts not just to plan, but to track and collect and color code everything. -sigh- There’s more to this but my eyes just glazed over so I hope that yours didn’t and you keep reading.

Boss Mama

My own business. I never wanted a 9-5 cubicle. I wanted a shop front. That’s why I majored in business management and minored in marketing. I have had different jobs since high school; two of which I loved my work, but detested the environment. The dream has always been the same. Then reality came along in the form of three daughters. My job responsibilities became caring for and rearing them. It did not pay for me to work outside the home, so there I stayed. It was not a decision made lightly and it is still a daily struggle, but it worked for our family at the time.

Turning the page…

Now we are entering a new chapter. My girls are all double digit ages (10-15). Gone to school during day and extra-curriculars in afternoon. The house is orderly. Dinner is prepped (sometimes, let’s be real). What does mama do? This mama poured over IG accounts, YouTube videos, and signed up for some e-courses. All the while the goal being to start a blog, to take the first step on the path of Boss Woman. Plus I figured if my IG posts were sounding like blog posts, why not just make the blog?

So here I go. My passions of organizing, planning, and business ownership goals have lead me to blogging. Planning and organizing one page at a time. Where will your passions lead you?

We walk by faith, not sight. 2Cor. 5:7


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  1. OMG… you’ve made me realize why I’m so drawn to bullet journals: it’s like the perfect mix of planning and organizing! I’ve been doing more and more bujo stuff in the back of my planner (I use the Passion Planner). But I might have to move over to bujo for real next year. I hope you’ll share some spreads in a future blog post!

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